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Ash Technologies has designed innovative and award winning low vision aids for nearly 20 years and has dedicated itself to providing highly intuitive digital magnifiers that empower people with low vision by helping them lead an independent lifestyle. 

We recognise and understand the needs of people with visual impairment and design our low vision magnifiers to meet the demands of a modern lifestyle with solutions for education to workplace environments. Finding a way to go about everyday tasks such as reading comfortably is one of the greatest challenges faced by people with low vision. 

Our range of magnification devices are designed and categorised according to the needs of modern living and are divided into the categories; handheld, portable, desktop & education/workplace. Our handheld and desktop magnifiers are suitable for near magnifcation tasks such as reading, writing, crafts, sewing or playing an instrument while our portable & desktop magnifiers with integrated distance cameras are ideal for far sight/distance-vision magnification tasks such as watching TV, viewing whiteboards & watching sporting events. 

Our award winning product design has affirmed Ash Technologies as an innovation leader in product design, development of magnification aids and image quality. The Reddot design award for the Crystal+ & Crystal XL in 2012 and the IF product design award for the Fusion in 2007 are amongst our most recent accolades.  

We also offer a range of digital magnification and digital image solutions designed to suit the increasing demands of industry for product inspection in quality assurance and failure diagnosis. Over the last few years we have brought a host of award winning patented products to market and provide these through our growing international distribution partner network in over 30 countries worldwide.






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